Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Destash - New Journal

I have started 30 Days in Your Art Journal and Stamp Carving 101 with Julie Balzer. Last night I finished making this journal....
 I still have a lot of stitching to do around the edges of the covers. The tape I used is very temperamental.
 The pages are 8"x10", with flaps on some of them that are 6"x10". I used this technique by Teesha Moore to make 5 16-page journals, and used them as signatures in one very big book. I wanted to be sure to have enough pages to last through both classes, with plenty of room to continue using what I learn. I used large sheets of watercolor paper (I think it's Strathmore 400 Series). The paint bottle is for scale.
 This is actually Day 1 and Day 2. Day 2 I added those stenciled circles in the corner, and the gold swirls below today's journaling (written in pink). I also added the Fortune Cookie fortune to the flap. The big gold letters spell "TRY NEW THINGS".
 Here on the inside of the flap is my test printing for my light bulb stamp. The first stamp was carved from really crumbly rubber that I will never buy again. Unfortunately I cannot recall the brand right now. The second stamp was carved from Moo Carve gray rubber.
 As I was cleaning up after the painting, I decided to swipe some tags through the remnant paint on my mat. They were dry in time to use my new stamp! The ones with only one image are for writing my ideas (Get it? Light bulb...).
Layouts Completed: 0
Collage Pages Completed: 10

I crocheted only 6 squares. Better than last week, though. I'm getting there!
Squares Completed: 89

I had promised pictures of the Valentine blocks I made for the local challenge.

This week I cut through my green fabrics. I decided to abandon rainbow order and let my kids choose which color to do next. I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my dye-ready fabric so that I can make my own prints for the Seattle Streets stained glass quilt. I also used up a fat quarter for the new journal I shared in this post.

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